FirstBuild’s Roaster Design Contest

Oct. 23, 2015

We are sponsoring a coffee roaster design contest. Well, it’s a contest, and also a community of engineers/product developers that are passionate about creating a new appliance that roasts coffee in a new way. We are excited because the rules state contestants must submit designs that will work inside a convection oven. Traditionally ovens have been a very tricky tool to roast coffee with so it’s wonderful that there are great minds out there thinking about how to make oven roasting easier.

So far, most contestants are teams of young folks that we hope continue creating appliances with coffee roasting in mind.

Thank you to Justin at FirstBuild for putting together this awesome brain-powered collaboration. We look forward to helping out with the judging process next month.

Learn more about this contest by clicking here.


Does this get your creative juices flowing? We are always very interested in your homegrown roaster designs. Want to share? Send us photos plus a short description of that crazy machine you roast with or that Franken-roaster you are working on and we’ll compile a blog post with everyone’s DIY roasters. Email your photos to us at [email protected] with “my roaster” as the subject line.

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