How to Move a Coffee Roaster

Here’s a short 4 minute video about how to move a coffee roaster (a small-ish commercial roaster that is), especially if you have limited space and need to get it through a doorway

We received an email looking for ideas on how to move a small commercial coffee roaster in a fairly tight space. So here’s my video reply, basically, showing how I have moved roasters in the past. 

Problem: I was going to demo this on our Probat 5 kg machine, but I forgot I had it on a pallet next door. But I thought I could show the concept well enough to make the video worthwhile!

You need a couple old flathead screwdrivers, a couple pry bars, some wedges or a variety of wood blocks with different thickness, and some pieces of gas pipe (4-5) a little wider than your roasting machine.

The idea is to use an old screwdriver or pry bar to get any small space opened up, continue to block it up and increase the space until you can get the pipe underneath, and then use the pipes to roll it where it needs to go. This is a great way to get a roaster through a doorway where a pallet jack or other equipment won’t fit. You can even get it on a pallet (screw a sheet of plywood on pallet first). 

This ain’t the fanciest video but I hope it helps with your project. -Thompson

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