Five New Coffees Today

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul – Jorge Recinos is super sweet with nectarine, plum, hazelnut, and dark caramel finish.

Ethiopia Grade 1 Dry-Process Guji Shakiso is viscous and sweet with layers of chocolate, orange marmalade, pineapple, and guava juice.

Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Gedeo has pure honey sweetness, Bergamot citrus, and a refreshing mouthfeel, this is a superb cup.

Java Sunda – Pak Yayat Typica with flavors like Mexican hot chocolate, green grape acidity and creamy body.

Mexico Organic Los Grapos CO2 Decaf is subtle and sweet with caramel notes, apple juice, and a rye note in the background, we don’t often find CO2 decafs that are up to our standards, this is an exception.

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