Four New Coffees from Colombia, Costa Rica and Ethiopia

Oct. 16, 2015


  • Colombia Corregimiento Palmichal Microlote – Grape juice brightness and is near effervescent. Light roasts have berry and fruited tea flavors with honey sweetness. Medium roasts have ‘sweet fruit’ flavors, like stone fruit nectar and boysenberry syrup, along with Dutch cocoa flavor in the aftertaste. It has amazing body and will double as a near-perfect espresso.


  • Costa Rica Helsar -Sonia Vega – This coffee has a flavor of “Coffee Nib” candies. It captures the bittersweetness that makes up the foundation of most coffee. A bit like burned caramel, the bittersweetness disappears shortly in the finish. There’s a cacao tone paring well with dense sweetness and makes a near-perfect espresso.


  • Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dry Process -Aricha – This coffee is remarkable with fruit flavors like dried strawberry, stone fruit juice, raw sugar notes, pulpy orange juice and ruby red grapefruit  as the cup cools. There’s a citric brightness, an acidity often dulled in naturally-processed coffees.  The list of flavors we had from our test samples is too long to list.


  • Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dry Process – Gedeb Asasa – This is an extremely sweet natural, loads of complex sugar note and sweet citrus flavor. There is a bracing quality too, a level of acidity that weaves these top notes tightly together. Full City roasts develop notes of blueberry and boysenberry, mango filling, with a dark chocolate syrup flavor is well in focus.


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