Fresh Roast Roast Chamber Extension Tube

This simple add-on for the older Fresh Roast models SR500 and SR 700 increases batch size … a lot!

This glass extension tube will help the performance of your SR500 or SR700 coffee roaster and allows for a larger batch size …up to 7 oz!

Two silicone rings insulate and secure the tube into your existing glass SR roasting cylinder. It improves bean movement during the entire roast. Be extra careful when roasting since the tube elevates the chaff collector even higher than it used to be.

The glass tube helps bean movement during the entire roast.  Machine will be very top heavy so be careful – the glass components can break easily. Click Here for installation sheet from Fresh Roast’s site

Please note: the extension tube does not work with the SR540 roaster! 

Buy it here:

Fresh Roast Roast Chamber Extension Tube for Older Models SR500 and SR 700

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