Getting Started with the Behmor Coffee Roaster 1600 Plus

What you need to know before you start roasting in your new Behmor 1600+ home coffee roaster

First roast in a Behmor 1600 Plus

Behmor 1600 Plus is a great roaster, and the only one that can roast up to One Pound in a roast cycle. That’s great!

What might not be so great is getting the first roast under your belt. The Behmor manual sent with the roaster doesn’t make it easy, mainly due to all the safety warnings and cautions!

Fact is, these warnings are important. Coffee roasting isn’t like other kitchen / cooking operations. There is a long (rather boring) heating cycle, and then -BOOM – everything happens really fast at the end. You need to be there at your roaster, and you need to be read to react!

This video is our Behmor 1600+ Quick Start. What is most important to know before you load up the coffee and start roasting? Tom tries to parse that out for you to get you going!

Do you have any special roasting/cooling techniques that you use with your Behmor? Please share.

Also see our video on Manual Roasting in the Behmor 1600+ Coffee Roaster

For an Introduction to the latest model (2020) please check out this related video!

Behmor 2000 AB Plus -New Model for 2020

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