Demerara Sugar

sugars-brown-sugar Demarara, Turbinado, Cane Sugar, Muscovado
sugars-brown-sugar Demarara, Turbinado, Cane Sugar, Muscovado

Demerara refers to an Dutch colonial designation. (Wikipedia: Demerara (Dutch: Demerary) is a historical region in the Guianas on the north coast of South America which is now part of the country of Guyana. It was a Dutch colony until 1815 and a county of British Guiana from 1838 to 1966. It was located about the lower courses of the Demerara River, and its main town was Georgetown.

Demerara sugar is partially-refined raw sugar that is made from the first pressing of sugar cane. Once the extracted cane juices evaporate, you’re left with large grain sugar that has a golden brown color and a subtle molasses flavor. The small amount of molasses that remains in demerara sugar allows it to retain a little more mineral and nutritional content compared to granulated sugar.

It has a toffee-like aspect with hints of vanilla, but is cleaner than sugars with all molasses, like raw sugars from Colombia called Panela.

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