Grounds For Health & Cancer Awareness

Grounds for Health aims to end cervical cancer

Grounds For Health is one of our favorite charities because of their work to eliminate cervical cancer in coffee growing communities. Grounds for Health has been embarking on a new initiative to raise more awareness and support throughout January (January is also Cervical Cancer Awareness Month). The initiative raises awareness for ending cervical cancer and promotes screenings for women in Sidama, Yirgacheffe, and Guji in Ethiopia.

“Our Ethiopia program operates in key coffee-growing regions that will be recognizable to many in the industry. We currently support 28 public health facilities across Sidama, Southern Nations, and Oromia Regions with community education, health provider training, equipment, supplies and health care campaigns for women to receive services.” -Grounds for Health

Grounds For Health

SInce 2022, Grounds for Health has set a goal to expand that number of cervical cancer screenings as resources and geographic challenges improve. Moving forward they will be focusing on:

  • Offering greater numbers of screens to women through localized self-sampling
  • Expanding their geographic reach so women from more remote areas have access
  • Ensuring that treatment rates stay above 90%, thus ensuring that cervical cancer will be eliminated
Grounds For Health

Grounds for Health is working toward their largest goal yet: screening 500,000 women so they can eliminate cervical cancer in Sidama, Yirgacheffe and Guji by 2028.

Visit Grounds for Health at

Proceeds from our 2024 Dogs of Coffee Calendar will go Grounds for Health

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