High Quality…Low Prices

We recently discounted prices on some of our coffees but felt we needed to explain a bit. Usually when you buy something on sale, there’s a reason why it’s cheaper than it was last week. Clothing sells for less when it’s out of fashion, food goes on sale when it’s about to get tossed out, cars go on sale when they are about to be last year’s model. You would imagine that discounted coffee would be old and/or taste bad…this is not the case here.

Our reason is we ended up purchasing a lot more coffee than we normally do and don’t want to end up with large quantities that could have ended up being enjoyed by you. So with that said, we have dropped the prices on all our Rwandan offerings and on Burundi Kirimiro Teka. The very low price on the very balanced Rwanda Nyamasheke makes this coffee a great choice for affordablly sharing with your family, office, friends, etc. We took the time to re-cup all of these coffees the other day and they all taste great. This abundance of Rwanda and Burundi coffee also inspired our Africa XL Sampler in which you get four 5 pound bags of coffee from top African lots for only $100. So there you go…we are overloaded with Rwanda and Burundi Teka and you benefit with really good prices for high quality coffee.

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