How we do. How we roast. How we brew…with Danny Goot

Danny Goot manages our coffee manager and is in charge of the roasted coffee program here at Sweet Maria’s. He keeps track of the ebb and flow of the thousands of pounds of different coffees that arrive by the truckload and leave just as quickly in home roaster sized increments. He’s also pilots our Probat L12 roaster every other week as we crank out multiple batches for our roasted coffee customers. Like most of us, he has a general routine at home when it comes to roasting and brewing his own coffee.

In Danny’s words…

"Every morning after I wake up, I let the dogs (Juno and Carlos) out, wake up my kids (Vida, Ari and Jerome) for school, then brew up a couple of cups of coffee for Jenney and I."

"I don’t get tired of roasting in my basement with my Hottop Basic when I run low on coffee at home. I love my Hottop for it’s ability to mimic Probat production roast curves I have used in the past. It allows me to have full control over the heat to stretch out the roast time or take it aggressive and fast. I also like the fact that the manufacturer sells all the parts separately in case you may need one. Oh, and that external cooling tray is way too cute and the sight glass in the front is perfect for peepin’ the seeds throughout their development."

"Upstairs in my kitchen I have a full line up of brewing devices that I cycle through every so often. But lately I have been stuck on the large Bee House pour over brewer. It’s so easy to use and clean and retains the water temperature like a champ! My coffee is ground with a Virtuoso made by Baratza which gives me that consistent grind spread for all my brewing needs. My trusty Pino variable temperature kettle has not failed me yet after 4 years."


Danny’s usual starting point for his Hottop:

-200 grams of coffee (7 oz)
-Preheat until beeping stops, charge coffee and let it rip!
-Turn down to 40% heat through the drying period
-Back up to 100% until right before 1st crack then I drop to 80% heat.
-Sometimes I keep the heat at 100%… Whoa!
Danny’s usual starting point for brewing 2 mugs with his Bee House
-Coffee: 60 grams
-Baratza Virtuoso Grinder: Grind #21 
-Water (205 degrees): 730 – 750 grams
"Rinse filter with hot water in the Bee House. Add coffee and saturate to pre-infuse/bloom for 30 seconds or so or until the bloom starts to fall. Then I add water to about halfway point in the Bee House, and stir… pouring fast to keep the grinds from settling. Total brew time of 2:30-3:00 minutes or so."


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