Flash Brew – Iced Coffee for the Impatient

The Upshot:

Flash brew iced coffee is a good option for making iced coffee at home because it is fast and uses techniques and equipment you probably already know and have. Below is a recipe we use at Sweet Maria’s that gets consistent results. You can use any coffee with this recipe, but a coffee with a fruity and bright profile will really shine.

Material and Equipment:

  • 27g Medium-Fine Ground Coffee
  • 150g of Ice
  • 250g of Hot Water
  • Brewer and Filters of Your Choice
  • Scale and Timer
Flash Brew Iced Coffee Setup
Our flash brew iced coffee setup at Sweet Maria’s


The method for this flash brew iced coffee recipe uses one bloom pour and three full pours. To set up, rinse the filter and discard the water. Put the ice in the carafe/cup and then set the brewer up as normal.

After the brewer is set up and the coffee has been added, start your timer and begin by adding 50g of hot water into your brewer. Let the coffee bloom for 40 seconds.

First Pour:
At 40 seconds, add 65g of water bringing your total weight to 115g.

Second Pour:
At 1 minute and 10 seconds, add 65g of water bringing your total weight to 180g.

Third Pour:
At 1 minute and 40 seconds, add 70g of water bringing your total weight to 250g.

Brewing Notes:
The total brewing time should be around 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Once the coffee has finished dripping out, it is ready to serve. More ice can be added to further cool the coffee or to make it more dilute to taste.

A video overview of our basic flash brew iced coffee recipe.

Flash Brew Iced Coffee – On Ratios and Dilution

There is not anything truly groundbreaking about this flash brew iced coffee recipe. In essence, it is not unlike a standard pour over coffee brewing recipe, but this recipe substitutes some of the brew water for ice. There are many similar recipes online from other great resources. That being said, we really like this recipe because we feel the ratios of ice, water, and coffee are pretty dialed in.

Ice to Brew Water Ratio:
Our goal when consider how much ice to use in the recipe was to find the minimum amount of ice needed to fully cool the coffee down without leaving much leftover ice. After some experimenting we found that, when considering the total brewing weight, 35% of the total weight should be ice and 65% should be water. With regard to our to our specific recipe, that resulted in 150g ice (37.5%) and 250g water (62.5%) for a 400g recipe. Minimizing the amount of ice leaves more brewing water for extracting all the delicious flavors, acids, and compounds from the coffee. Some flash brew iced coffee recipes call for equal parts ice and water, but we found that left us with too much ice to slowly melt and too little water to fully extract the coffee. Other recipes went too far the other direction, resulting in flash brew lukewarm coffee instead of iced coffee.

By using 400g of ice and water and 27g of coffee, the brew ratio (Water g:Coffee g) ends up being 14.8:1. As far as brew ratios go, that is on the stronger side. In addition to finding the taste and texture of this stronger ratio preferable for flash brew, we also liked this stronger brew because it left some wiggle room for dilution. Adding another 50g of ice, approximately two cubes from a standard ice tray, brings the strength closer to a more standard ratio of 16:1.

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