January is slipping through our fingers. But we have some busy, busy like Grant Green, fingers. There are some stellar new offerings from Rwanda, Kenya, and Colombia just launched on shrub in the last week or so. I’ve also been gearing up to host the Roasters Guild Executive Council annual January meeting here at shrub mountain headquarters in Fort Collins, CO. It will be a blast having all these folks in town, and on the night of Thursday the 26th there’s going to be a coffee rodeo at the very super Cranknstein Coffee Roaster, Bike Shop, Tap Room. TNT style barista throwdown shenanigans will be had, but mostly it’s a chance for coffee people from all over Colorado and such to gather and talk jive. I’m really looking forward to it as in the last couple of months this event has gathered some momentum and it’s pretty exciting to meet so many vivacious individuals. I’m happy to be able to show off some of the Colorado coffee scene to the rest of the RGEC, and am pretty jazzed to have them all in my town.

Also, I’m working on a series of articles on roasting for the Sweet Maria’s Library and will be sure to share links as those pop up. I’ll be looking mostly at specific adjustments and their effect on the cup. Less as a means of determining a right or wrong, and more as a means of showing a range of possible outcomes.

Busy like Grant Green Fingers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6N2-CWrXoQ