New Arrivals: Three Decafs and a Costa Rica

Four new arrivals today, three decafs and a Costa Rica! Colombia Cauca Popayan WP Decaf, Mexico Chiapas WP Decaf, Uganda Bugisu WP Decaf, and Costa Rica San Martin de Leon Cortes We haven’t had that many high quality decafs on the list lately so we thought it was time to remedy that. These three offer a wide range of flavors: Colombia Cauca Popoyan WP Decaf is a bright cup with raisin, malt, and nuts; Mexico Chiapas WP Decaf is clean and crisp with syrupy body; Uganda Bugisu WP Decaf has rustic Indonesia-like notes and bittersweet chocolate, this one can handle a bit more roast and is a great decaf espresso! Last we are excited to offer a competition level lot: Costa Rica San Martin de Leon Cortes is brilliant when roasted to City/City+ with blackberry, apple notes, and an almost Kenya-like fruit/winey aspect.

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