New: Ethiopia DP Weshi Jimma,Nicaragua Segovia Regalo de Dios,Sulawesi WP Tana Toraja PB,Espresso Workshop 13: Grace Note

Happy Cuptober! — We have a few new coffees we’d like to tell you about: Ethiopia Dry Process Weshi Jimma, Nicaragua Nueva Segovia -Un Regalo de Dios, Sulawesi Wet-Process Tana Toraja Peaberry, and Espresso Workshop #13 – Grace Note.  The Ethiopian DP Weshi Jimma is flavor profile we get a lot of requests for: an African profile strong fruits, sweet spices, and chocolate at the darker roasts. Next is a Nicaraguan arrival that cups more like a Guat.: Nicaragua Regalo de Dios with apple and tea like tastes. Try this as an espresso too! Next up. we have the Sulawesi Wet-Process Tana Toraja Peaberry with a balanced taste reminiscent of Island coffees and bittersweet chocolate at darker roasts. Don’t glide past Tom’s new Espresso Workshop Edition: #13 – Grace Note. This delicately accented African blend has syrupy caramel and baker’s chocolate with other flavor hints peaking out as you vary your roast level. Check out the farm descriptions and full reviews!

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