New Library Layout

It is probably no surprise  that we have an internal debate here :  the Website Minimalists vs the Website Maximalists. The Minimalists want the website to be streamlined and easy to navigate; the Maximalists want to keep tons of information, even if it pertains to a product that has been discontinued.  Most of you can likely guess which side Tom comes down on (hint: this is the person who comes home from a two-week origin trip with 800 photos!).  But even Tom and I have to admit that articles and photos have piled up over the years in a disorganized way, or more disorganized than even we want. So we re-vamped the Coffee Library page to make information easier to access. More changes will be underway in terms of how we manage the travelogues and make the Tiny Joy back issues available.  No purging, just rearranging the furniture.  Hope you enjoy it. – Maria

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