New Products from Flair, Fresh Roast, Bonmac and Airscape

May 16, 2019

The new product floodgates opened this week and unloaded four new products on us. Believe it or not, this espresso maker, glass tube, dripper and ceramic container have something in common. They are all new versions of existing products. You know, like a V2.0, part 2, volume 2 or a sequel.


Flair Pro Espresso Maker

The original Flair Classic espresso maker was a success because it  pulled great shots without the fuss and cost that normally come with electric home espresso machines. The new Flair Pro does everything the Classic does in addition to having a bunch of new features. It has a larger capacity so you can pull legit double shots and the portafilter is “bottomless” which gives you a view of how your shot is coming out.

Another awesome addition is the gauge that shows how much pressure is being applied to the coffee grounds. Other new features are the metal drip tray, included tamper and a screw hole underneath that allows you to connect the top and bottom frame pieces. This is great if you don’t need to take apart your Flair on a regular basis. If your household or guests think you are their personal barista, you have the option of purchasing additional portafilters for the Flair Pro so you can keep the those americanos flowing.


Black Bonmac Ceramic Dripper

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So why did we swap the white Bonmac for a black Bonmac? The white Bonmac we used to carry wasn’t broken, it’s just fun to have a change in scenery once in a while…and change is good, right? So here it is, the dependable, durable, heat retaining Bonmac in black with gold lettering.

This classic dripper uses #2 sized filters and has one small hole in the bottom which restricts the coffee flow, giving  you control when brewing a great cup without having to stress over the flow rate of water. The larger hole on the flange exists you can see your coffee level as you are brewing. This is a great feature if your coffee cup isn’t glass.


Fresh Roast Extension Tube

There’s some serious ingenuity going on over at Fresh Roast HQ. They recently produced this really impressive glass tube that SR500/ SR700 users can insert into their existing roast chambers that greatly improves the performance of the Fresh Roast. It increases capacity (up to 7oz!), airflow is improved, the evenness of the roast and chaff collection is better too. We sold out of these in a matter of hours but expect more very soon. Sign up for a notification email on the Fresh Roast Extension Tube product page.

Also, stay tuned for the Fresh Roast SR540 and SR580, machines that promise even more capacity and more control panel functions.


Airscape Ceramic Storage Container

Sure, you can store coffee in a jar, tupperware or zipper bag but if you are serious about extending the life of your fresh roasted coffee, a ceramic Airscape container is a smart and attractive choice. Underneath the bamboo lid is another seal with a one-way valve.

When this inner seal is pressed down, it pushes out oxygen and hides your coffee away from it’s other enemies (light and humidity changes). Also, if you want to label what’s inside, the glossy ceramic is a great writing surface for a dry erase marker. If you are into more of an industrial, restaurant-supply-type-look, you can always go with the stainless steel model.

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