Green coffee in general can be stored quite a while with little loss in quality, when compared to roasted coffee which loses freshness much sooner . Bright, delicate coffees can seem to fade faster; earthy coffees can last a bit longer. Very often the type and quality of the processing methods used on the coffee will determine how long a coffee will hold up. For example, “Miel” or pulped natural processing very often shortens the storage life of a coffee – you will see changes in flavor sooner and in a more pronounced way than with other processing methods. Coffee ought to be stored in a cool dry place, ideally in a breathable container like burlap, or cotton. For a hundred years or more coffee has been transported the same way, in large burlap or jute bags. More recently, producers have experimented with vacuum packaging and storage in special multi-layer poly bags (GrainPro etc) to extend the life of the coffee. We import 100% of our coffee using these hermetic barrier bags, to preserve cup quality in ocean transit.

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