Green coffee bean storage in glass
Green coffee bean storage in glass

Green coffee can be stored much longer than roasted coffee: Roasted coffee starts to lose its aromatics in 10 days after roasting. Green coffee can be stored months without degrading quality.  Very often the type and quality of the processing methods used on the coffee will determine how long a coffee will hold up. Coffee that is processed well in the country of origin will tend to last longer in storage.

Coffee ought to be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, and in an environment without extreme changes in humidity.  In such a place, we use high barrier material to maintain stability in the green coffee. While our coffee is still imported in old style jute bags, all of them have an interior liner using special multi-layer barrier material to extend the life of the coffee. We import 100% of our coffee using these hermetic barrier bags, to preserve cup quality in ocean transit and while it is in our warehouse.

Green coffee you buy from us ships in LDPE (recycle symbol “4”) zip bags. That’s great if you will roast it within a couple months. Otherwise, consider transferring your green coffee beans to a glass container, or buying our special Ecotact high barrier bags for green coffee storage.

People living in arid zones or humid places should always store coffee in high barrier packaging!

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