Panama Coffee Travel – The Other Photos

Traveling in the coffee areas of Boquete, Volcan, Chiriqui way back in 2002

These were something I had uploaded way back in 2002 when I went to the panama Coffee competition in Boquete.

I don’t know why I uploaded all these photos! I had an ethic that I wanted to share everything I learned, because Coffee knowledge was so difficult to access, and because I was excited.

So here’s a bunch of random 2002 pictures from Panama coffee travel.

The judging was Monday through Wednesday and the last of the judges arrived on Monday morning. There were 26 coffees entered in the competition and 1 had been disqualified for having a noticeable taint in the cup (rare among high quality Panamanian coffees).

There was a total of 16 judges and 6-12 cups were prepared from each sample …So there was a lot of slurping going on. There were 3 cupping sessions, then a finalist session for the top scoring samples

The coffee trees were in beautiful shape and still blooming although it was late in the crop cycle for this.

If you have never smelled coffee flowers, they are sweet -like jasmine but not as overwhelming.

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