Peaberry Switcharoo, Ethiopia-Kenya-Kenya too!

We are receiving new coffees at a remarkable rate… Today we have available;

  • A new Peaberry lot of the excellent El Salvador Matalapa, as well as (coincidently) a new peaberry lot of the Poco Fundo Organic coffee from Brazil. And there are 3 new African lots (Ethiopia-Kenya-Kenya)!
  • Ethiopia Dry-Process Limu: Honey lemonade brightness, herbal tea notes, very lively for a dry-process coffee.
  • Kenya Auction Lot #425 -Karimikui Peaberry: Ruby red grapefruit bright notes, glazed almond, light molasses.
  • Kenya Auction Lot #643 -Mutitu: Winey fruits and black currant in this Nyeri district coffee.
  • Coming tomorrow … the first 3 of many Costa Rica Micro-Lots!
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