Popper Coffee Roaster – Roast Demo Videos

A two-part long-form video about features and functions of the new Popper coffee roaster.

Popper is made to be a simple, easy-to-use, adjustable air roaster. Seriously, these videos are overkill in terms of explaining the use of this home roasting machine!

But Tom discusses other aspects of air roasting in general, the intentions behind this moderately-priced roaster, and some favorite approaches to roasting on Popper.

Popper Coffee Roaster Demo Part 1 (16 min)

Popper coffee roaster demo Part 1 – 16 minutes

Part 1: Talking about features and function of Popper, the home coffee roaster. This is part 1 of the long review of this new air coffee roasting machine. Think of it as an air popcorn popper with added control features … nothing fancy but functional and intuitive. In a way, this long roasting demo isn’t needed for such a straight-forward machine, but Tom touches on some other aspects of air roasting that might be useful too! The actual roast demo is in Part 2 FYI

Popper Coffee Roaster Demo Part 2 (20 min)

Popper coffee roaster demo Part 2 – 20 minutes

Part II: A roast from start to finish on Popper, the coffee roaster. This is Part 2 of the long review of this new air coffee roasting machine. It took 4 tries over a week to get the audio to work ok, and it still kinda sucks. But … well I did my best. I repeat a few things here, like the roasts I like on Popper for espresso vs brewed coffee. The roast demo videos are way longer than they need to be, given that Popper is a very intuitive 100 gram capacity  air roaster. Overkill … it’s what we do. 

By the way …. try “underkill” vs “overkill” …

Our short 2 minute video probably gives you all the need-to-know-basics!

And here is one thing you DO need to know to roast well on Popper or any air popcorn popper:

3 Responses

  1. OMG, is that a 65′ Plymouth Barracuda in that garage?!! Tom, I knew you had good taste, not just in coffee !!
    I had one of them in 1979, and ha to sell it when I got married. One of my favorite cars that I threaten to get again, if I can find one, lol!

    1. It is! … runs rough but I haven’t had the time to really focus on it. I keeping thinking its time to part ways with it but haven’t had the heart to do it, yet. sigh

  2. Nice Demo. My son told me about Sweet Maries and I started out using the free popper.
    I was winging it from day one. This video helped me to gauge the roast. After about 2 years the popcorn paper died, but my son again came to the rescue and sent me his old Fresh Roast SR800. I use it much like you use popper in the demo. I think you did a great job and it has helped me to make a better roast

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