Popper Coffee Roaster – Roast Demo Videos

Our short 2 minute video probably gives you all the need-to-know-basics!

And here is one thing you DO need to know to roast well on Popper or any air popcorn popper:

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  1. OMG, is that a 65′ Plymouth Barracuda in that garage?!! Tom, I knew you had good taste, not just in coffee !!
    I had one of them in 1979, and ha to sell it when I got married. One of my favorite cars that I threaten to get again, if I can find one, lol!

    1. It is! … runs rough but I haven’t had the time to really focus on it. I keeping thinking its time to part ways with it but haven’t had the heart to do it, yet. sigh

  2. Nice Demo. My son told me about Sweet Maries and I started out using the free popper.
    I was winging it from day one. This video helped me to gauge the roast. After about 2 years the popcorn paper died, but my son again came to the rescue and sent me his old Fresh Roast SR800. I use it much like you use popper in the demo. I think you did a great job and it has helped me to make a better roast

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