Poppo Air Popcorn Kit for Coffee Roasting

Poppo is a low-cost electric air popcorn popper can be transformed into a DIY coffee roaster when paired with the Poppo Coffee Roasting Sleeve!

The new Poppo Air Popcorn Kit is an inexpensive way to try out coffee roasting at home. The Poppo system roasts coffee quickly and evenly, for light, medium and dark roast levels.

People have been using air popcorn machines to roast coffee for nearly 50 years now, since they came on the market. By itself, the Poppo machine is a fairly standard air popcorn popper. By inserting the Poppo coffee sleeve in the roast chamber, it redirects coffee into an effective flow to roast quickly and evenly. Poppo roasts fast: Most roast batches are done in under 5 minutes.

The Poppo Air Popcorn Popper kit for coffee roasting is just $28.50, or $39.50 with a starter green coffee sampler set of 4 coffees!

Quick Start Info for Poppo Kit with popcorn popper and coffee roasting sleeve
Quick Start Info for Poppo Air Popcorn Kit with popcorn popper and coffee roasting sleeve

How to use Poppo with the Coffee Roasting Sleeve

  • Insert the food grade aluminum sleeve into the popping chamber of the machine.
  • Add 110 grams of green coffee (about 1/4 Lb.) and place the clear hood on top.
  • Turn it on at the switch and start your timer!
  • Medium roast levels take 3 to 4 minutes. Dark roast levels take 5 minutes.
  • When the roast is done, turn off the machine, take off the hood, and carefully pour your fresh roast into a colander or pan to cool down.

Quick Video Intro to Poppo Air Popcorn Kit

Important Air Roasting Information and Safety Tips

  • Using a popcorn machine to roast coffee is a quick process, and you should never leave the machine unattended when roasting coffee!
  • Do not let chaff fall around the base of a popcorn popper. Poppers take in air from vents in the base. They will suck in chaff if it falls around the base of the unit, and it can eventually damage the machine.
  • Allow the popper to cool completely between batches. We recommend 15 minutes down time.
  • The surfaces of the unit are hot. Be careful when handling it.
  • Inevitably the clear top hood will start to become distorted by heat. This happens to all popcorn poppers used for coffee roasting, because they are exposed to more heat and for longer durations than when they are used for popcorn.
  • Using a popcorn machine for roasting coffee will shorten its lifespan. Poppo has a 30 day manufacturer defect warranty only.

Poppo FAQ plus Tips and Tricks

Are your roasts inconsistent? Is the roast time too fast? Is the sleeve not fitting snug, and falling out when you dump your fresh batch in the cooling pan? We’ve been there, and want to share our tips with you! If you have Poppo air popcorn kit for roasting coffee and have some questions, we have created a FAQ page as well as a Poppo Tips and Tricks video.

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    1. We hope to have the sleeve available separately soon, but it has to be paired with the same type of popcorn machine, where air comes straight from bottom vent. It is not made for poppers that swirl coffee. Also the popper chamber diameter must match the sleeve, and it must be tapered. I only know 2 popper brands that fit. One brand is DASH and the other AICOOK

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