Pour-Over Mania; Hario & Bonmac

The last year has seen a revival of interest in pour-over brewing. The phenomenon seems a bit odd; how can something so old-fashioned be fashionable?  We have offered Chemex and filter cones for years, but there are some interesting new innovations in pour-over brewing. These relatively new products that have generated excitement and interest in manual brewing methods along with the Clever Coffee Dripper we carry; namely the introduction of the Hario V-60 filtercone that has a single large hole at its base. How can a dripper with a gaping hole in the bottom possibly make good coffee? That is what I asked when I first saw the Hario V-60. The answer lies in using a pouring technique, controlling the rate and pattern by which you add the water to the grounds.  There are lots of good YouTube videos showing pouring techniques. I recently made a new Pour-Over Brewing Technique Video to condense what we have found, and Chemex users should really take note of the technique too! -Tom

Part of the controlling the water involves having a kettle with a narrow pouring spout. So we are stocking the Hario Buono Kettle too. It seems silly in a way to need a special device to add water to a filtercone – but it makes a big difference.  I was a doubter; now I am a believer.

We will also have a Bonmac plastic version of the V-60 cone soon too – that will be less expensive.

And for folks who don’t want to mess with the technique-dependent V60 we have added the Bonmac Single Hole Porcelain Filtercone. This filtercone gave us the best results in a blind cupping we did of brews using various filtercones which we posted here and on YouTube a few weeks ago.  Here is the link to that filtercone comparison video again. -Maria

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