Preview: The 2015 Dogs of Coffee Calendar

November 24, 2014

Folks have been asking us if we plan on producing a Dogs of Coffee calendar this year. The answer is "yes" and we are very excited about it. The layout is done and we are just waiting for the printer to finish the job (their turnaround time is lightning fast but it feels like it’s taking forever). If all goes well, we will have them up for sale in a few days.

 You will get to look at this not-so-sure-footed pup for the entire month of May.

It’s filled with canines from Tom’s travels, captions and entertaining holidays. Proceeds will go to great charities like Coffee Kids, Grounds for Health, Projeto Cria Carmo, Girls Gotta Run, World Coffee Research and Oakland Animal Services.

This is Kipsy, a border collie in Tanzania. You won’t see this photo in the calendar but Kipsy’s still in there…twice, on the front and back covers.

If you like dogs, great photography and a little coffee humor, hold off on buying that Urban Sunsets or Impressionist Paintings calendar…the 2015 Dogs of Coffee calendar is on the way.

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