Product Guide: Multi Purpose Brew Pitcher

This is one of those products we don’t sell a lot of but still carry because we believe in all the functions it serves.

This all-purpose pitcher’s commercial name is something like "33oz Standard Frothing Pitcher". We think it serves more purposes than just frothing milk. Who froths that much milk at home anyways? It serves many purposes and has found a valuable place in our home brewing and roasting arsenals. Tom has included it in his travel kit as well.

There’s a lot options out there when you want to brew more than 2 servings from a pour-over brewer; you can use a teapot, thermos or a really fancy, expensive glass coffee server. We just thought that an affordable pitcher like this would be an excellent option. When doing a multi-serving pour over, it is best to decant into a single vessel, instead of brewing first into one cup, and then another.  Using that method will result in two vastly different cups of coffee. Sure, this may not impress the fashion police but it will probably earn you points with the coffee police.

It’s easy to clean, extremely tough, dishwasher safe and retains heat well.


What else is this thing good for?

-brewing over ice for a quick cup of iced coffee

-weighing small batches of roasted or green coffee

-that all-purpose "cup" around your kitchen or campsite

-Aeropress brewing (if you are making more than one serving)


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