Product Guide: Small, Fun Things

December 12, 2014

We pride ourselves on our coffee offerings and coffee supplies but also like to offer items that we think are fun (and sometimes don’t have anything to do with coffee). Looking for stocking stuffers or just something fun to include in your order? Here you go.

T-Shirts & Beanies

We really enjoy Tshirts and try to offer a mix of different designs and colors. Wear one and show your home roasting pride. We have beanies ("toques" if you are from Canada) as well.

Soccer Balls

Tom likes to bring these to coffee growing areas as gifts for the workers that normally play with old, beat up and worn down balls. They probably won’t come close to meeting FIFA regulations but are still a fun way to show your love for home roasting (or coffee branches) by kicking one around the backyard.

Stinker Stickers

The skunk logo was inspired by a trucking company in the Midwest. Other than that, it doesn’t serve that much importance other than just being kinda weird and fun. Stick one on your bumper or cover up that dent on your travel mug. Just get ready for your friends to start asking you "What’s the deal with the skunk?"

Letterpressed Coasters

Yes, we put images of doilies on coasters. They were indidvidually letterpress printed by our staff member Marty and local company, Paper Monkey Press. They are made of paper board but are more durable than you think. We have some in our office that get abused by wet coffee cups every day and are still in great shape.

Coffee Seeds

Ever want to grow your own coffee shrub? We are selling 3-packs of Colombian coffee seeds. We can’t promise they will germinate but they are viable.

2015 Dogs of Coffee Calendar

Every year, we produce our Dogs of Coffee calendar and pack it full of photos of the canines that Tom captures during his travels to coffee origins. Proceeds go to a number of charities.

Sweet Maria’s Coffee Scoop

This is a great SCAA standard size coffee scoop. This scoop holds about 10g of coffee, is built to last and looks nice (well at least we think so).

Sweet Maria’s Roast Log

Keeping track of your roasts can be one of the best things you can do if you are trying to improve the flavor of your coffee. Using a log will allow you to look back at what you did that worked really well (or what didn’t work really well).

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