Roast Coffee Pairing #41: South American Slugfest

For this pairing we are roasting two great coffees from South America:  Brazil Joao de Campos Yellow Catuai and Colombia – Los Chuchos de Tolima.  Both were roasted to Full City with a touch less roast on the Colombia to highlight some of the nuances of that lot.  The Los Chuchos lot may be a “mutt” of sorts, but the pedigree is fanstastic.  Tolima consistently produces some of the highest rated coffees we come across and this is no exception, wonderful fruit is balanced with nutmeg notes and a finish reminscent of black tea.  Brazil Joao de Campos offers quite a contrast featuring  caramel and chocolate bittersweetness layered with a lightly fruited tone.  Colombia was roasted to 428 degrees in 15 minutes, and Brazil was roasted to 432 in 15 minutes.