Shipping Shipping Shipping

The way we see it, shipping cost is our common problem. It’s a drag for you, a drag for us. Wouldn’t it be great is you could download the beans from your computer? Free shipping always sounds great, but then you have to wonder if the product prices are adjusted to cover that cost. For us it is a dilemma, especially since coffee is so darn heavy. (Low grade coffee is sometimes actually partially roasted in the origin country so it is less heavy and costs less to ship. Isn’t that a great idea? NO!) As we go along I am tweaking the shipping rates on Coffee Shrub and adding discounts so that is reflects exactly what we are charged on our bill. I am also adding a tiered discount, so the first box shipment package (up to 65 pounds) is discounted 15% off the UPS published rates, the second box 20%, the third box 25%. In theory, that will pass on our actual discount. And of course you can always select “Freight Collect” and give us your UPS account # and we can ship it on your account which might give you better rates (or maybe you pay your UPS bill on a credit card and get points or cash back or something).