Happy Halloween. Here’s Six Under Six

Oct. 31, 2019

Happy Halloween! The scariest thing about home roasting is running out of green coffee and being stuck brewing the slim selection sold your local cafe or that over-roasted, oily commercial coffee from the grocery store. We curated this list of sub-six dollar coffees so you can stock up and the price will be the last thing to be afraid of. We always have coffees with low prices and currently offer about a dozen under six bucks. If you are an espresso drinker, most of these will be great for you as well!


Burundi Kayanza Dusangirijambo Coop $5.95 – Layered sweetness gives way to subtle baking spice and apple accents, black tea, and lemon water acidity. Balanced sweet and bitter flavors and Full City shows rich dark chocolate and cherry notes. Good for espresso.

El Salvador Finca Santa Julia Bourbon $5.85 – Middle roasts have flavor aspects of granola; oats and roasted almonds baked with honey and cinnamon, even a subtle dried raisin note. Heavier dark chocolate flavors are found at Full City. Good for espresso.

Mexico Chiapas Finca Chanjul $5.95 – A sweet almond paste flavors unfolds to candied nut flavors like almond and peanut, chocolate-covered nut, baking cocoa, and inky body. Good for espresso.

Timor Letefoho Poulala $5.90City+ pulls out an underlay of unsweetened cocoa powder that allows tart berry and fruit skin notes to stand out. Big body, moderate acidity, and herbal finishing hints.

Colombia Inzá Veredas Vecinas $5.95 – City+ constructs a framework of sucanat, panela, and toffee sweetness, marked by raisin and almond hints. Full City boosts dark chocolate tones and milky body.  Good for espresso.

Peru Fair Trade Organic Utcubamba Don Rigoberto $5.80 – Versatile coffee, undertones of unrefined sugars, walnut and hazelnut accents, impenetrable chocolate characteristics when roasted dark, and moderate acidity. Good for espresso and milk drinks.