Slouching Toward Guatemala

The whole story of a half-hearted return to travel

After two years this was baby steps back toward coffee travel, a relatively short hop (or two) to our my favorite Central America coffee land. Somehow, things that seemed easy before look different after 2 years of hunkering down in Oakland (more or less).

Here are 27 startling photos, with coffee featured in about 9 of them or less.

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    1. Thanks for sharing! I travel to Mexico often and have picked coffee beans to dry, roast, and enjoy. These pictures brought me back to enjoying moments.

  1. So, my husband and I have been using Sweet Maria’s as a source for all of our coffee beans ever since we got our first coffee roaster several years ago when my kids were babies. We have since graduated to a Behmor 1600 (bought from your site), and continue to order our beans from you. We choose to do so because of the connection that you guys have to the coffee farms all over the world. It really connects me to the beans, the roasting process, and deepens my appreciation for what is already a gift from the gods. Thank you for what you do and taking the time to share photos.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! It means a lot. I am going to share it with the group here…

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