Finca Santa Ines, Antigua Guatemala

This will be the second year we offer lots from the Santa Inés coffee farm, so it’s time for a short video and photo introduction to this traditional Antigua farm.

Finca Santa Ines has been part of the Minondo family for 4 generations. Currently Raul Minondo lives on the farm, overseeing operations with the farm manager Erick Jimenez. Sr. Minondo’s daughter Isa Minondo has now entered the family business to help market the coffee. Finca Santa Inés was originally part of Finca El Potrero and is located in the Panchoy Valley. Today it is known as Valle de Antigua. 

The farm is a very traditional Antigua coffee finca, on the valley floor at 1500 meters. They have planted mostly Catuai variety coffee, along with old Bourbon, Bourboncito, Caturra, Marellesa, Tekisik and others. I feel like the Caturra coffee cups really well, as well as the Bourbon types. They aren’t flashy coffees, just very solid nice cups you want to drink!

Finca Santa Ines Coffee Farm Tour – Guatemala

Santa Ines Coffee Photos

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  1. I enjoy seeing a farm and aspects of the processing, as well as hearing about the growers.
    Beautiful peacocks and horses.
    Gorgeous photos.

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