The Smaller Glass Beaker

August 5, 2016

A little while back, we started selling a glass beaker that we think is great for a brewing into and serving from. The handle made it look like a mug but with a 2.5 cup capacity, only a true coffee chuggers would feel comfortable sipping from a vessel this big. This is why we decided to produce another glass beaker, only smaller, and still mug-like for better drinkability.


A size comparison between the two

It holds a little more than 400 mL (approx. 13.5 fl oz). The opening diameter is 3.25″ which makes a it a good size if you are into brewing with an Aeropress or other pour over drippers. It’s made from sturdy lab quality borosilicate glass by Vermont-based Catamount Glass Company.


If you are keeping plastics out of your coffee brewing equipment collection, this glass beaker is a nice looking, multi-purpose piece to add.

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