Sydney: Not All Cappuccino Look like This…

…but some do. There’s this tradition of adding cocoa powder to the top of milk drinks here. I am not sure why. But at least it precludes the fanciness of Latte art decorations.

In general the caliber of the espresso here, in particular from the shops we went to like Reuben Hills, Mecca, and Coffee Alchemy, is excellent. They really have the shots dialed in. We only had a few where I felt the roast was a little off.

But the green coffee scene here is where things are a bit sketchy. There just aren’t the options we take for granted in the US. Oddly the access to Papua New Guinea doesn’t seem to result in great PNG lots coming here. Then again we don’t see great Mexico coffees much anymore in the US and they are a stones throw away.

Indonesian coffees are humdrum run of the mill types here. It’s really a few Ethiopias and Central American coffees that are most prevalent in the better roasteries. Green coffee is very expensive here at the wholesale level. Well, everything is expensive here at any level.

Off to Melbourne and to sneak in a bit of surfing before more cuppings and cafe visits. I saw the Sydney opera house. It looked sadly small. But what a cool, vibrant place this is. -Thompson.

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