Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) occupies the eastern half of the island it shares with the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya, part of Indonesia. The two primary areas for coffee production can be grouped roughly as the Eastern Highlands, centered on the town of Kainantu, and the Western Highlands, with the towns of Goroka and Mount Hagen. PNG is a former commonwealth and has vestiges of a cultural link to Australia  and Great Britain, as well as a whiff of colonialism in the coffee plantation system that was set up before independence. There are also many small-holder farmers who have “coffee gardens” and bring their coffee to cooperative organizations. The coffees can be bright and clean, with little in common with other growing regions such as Indonesian islands. The coffee system imported mainly from Tanzania and Kenya involved traditional wet-process, often with a double fermentation and soaking, before being sun dried.

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