Golden Bean Bronze Medal Bullet Profile

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to see more about Bullet roast profiles and techniques. I know you can’t say there is only one way to do it, and so many variables… but lets open up the discussion and see what you have found to work well!

  2. This roast looks WEIRD!!
    If I set my Bullet to follow this profile, it would finish with FC in about HALF the time taken with this roast. It makes me wonder if the machine used was not calibrated or something. Also the yellowing happens at 137°C and this usually happens at about 160. Also FC happens at around 200°C, and on this profile it happens at 192, which is not far off, but 18 minutes for only 450g??? I would love to try this, but am sure I will be throwing the beans away as I will not be able to follow this profile. I’d love an explanation from the chap who did this roast, it just seems impossible to me. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mark, I have a feeling the machine this was roasted on was not upgraded with the V2 power board yet, but will pass along the question to Julio for a more thorough answer.

      Thanks for your inquiry!


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