The Rebirth of the i-Roast 2


The Hearthware i-Roast2 is backand I wish I was more excited.    It is a neat little roaster that has worked well for many, many people.  But it can be flaky, and results can vary from one machine to the next.  And you have to keep the top screens super-duper clean or the roaster overheats.  The source of most of my uneasiness though stems from the company that makes them, Hearthware;  basically they could not produce them for what was it?  two years? And they ran out of replacement parts too and could not cover warranties.  But, to their credit, when they did get machines,  they generally made good on replacements. They say they plan to keep making and supporting them.

So, it’s a mixed bag to say the least.  But the folks who responded to my forum post urged us to carry them – so we are – with caveats.  Like all home roasters, it has it quirks and it not quite as good as the marketing says it is.  The programming can be helpful – though, overtime, I think Tom tended to use the presets. It is functionally the same as it was previously, no better, no worse.  -Maria

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