Three Great Ways to Brew Coffee at Home

For years, our home roasting starter kits have been a very popular way for our customers to start roasting their own coffee. We wanted to offer the same convenience for your home coffee brewing. Here’s a few kits that that we think will make brewing coffee a lot more enjoyable.



Turkish coffee isn’t our specialty so we don’t claim to be experts but we do appreciate it and offer everything everything you need to brew coffee in a traditional Turkish style. We offer it with a Bodum blade grinder because blade grinders are awesome at powderizing coffee down to the perfect consistency for Turkish coffee.

You get:

  • 16oz hand painted ibrik brewer
  • Bodum electric blade grinder
  • Sweet Maria’s logo scoop
  • Bodum double walled glass 5oz cups
  • Sweet Maria’s logo coasters





This kit is perfect for brewing coffee for one, and it sure looks nice. The Chemex makes super clean, oil & sediment free coffee, mostly due to the cone shaped extra thick paper filters. It comes with our very own cup design that should fool anyone into thinking it’s made out of earth-polluting styrofoam.

You get:

  • 3 Cup Glass Handled Chemex
  • FP-2 Small Chemex filters 
  • Sweet Maria’s Ceramic “Styro” Cup
  • Sweet Maria’s Logo Coasters





Hario has been making excellent coffee products for years. The attention to detail in everything they produce is noticable so it feels great to offer this many Hario products together in one bundle. Sure, you could easily piece together a home brewing kit for less but there’s something nice about having this much quality all on your counter.

You get:

  • Hario V60 Dripper
  • V60 Filters
  • Hario Pour-Over Stand
  • Hario Scale w/ Built-in Timer
  • Hario Buono Pour-Over Kettle
  • Hario Slim Mill