Three New Coffees

Sept. 25, 2015


India Tree-Dried -Mallali Estate Amrita

This coffee has a fruited sweetness with an earthy undertone. There’s a grain-sweetness flavor that comes through in the cup, toasted barley and even a bit of honey-wheat bread. This cup cools well, with fruit flavors you might expect from naturally-processed coffees: strawberry, wine grapes, and hibiscus tea, offset earth-toned and grain-like sweetness. Definitely one of the more complex Indian coffees we tasted.


Sumatra Organic Buah-Buahan

This coffee is really sweet, with burned caramel to cane sugar and a lychee jelly-like smell. The cup has a layers of fruit – aspects of both fresh and dried – and earth tones you might expect from Mandheling coffee. City+ roasts are sweet and bodied, and with pulpy fruit juice flavors, caramel and butterscotch and spiced cider. Darker roasts show elements of red fruit punch, tropical characteristics flourishing, along with a woodsy attribute. The finish carries bittersweet cocoa and earth tones long into the aftertaste. This will make an interesting, rustic-tinged single-origin espresso.


Nicaragua Ocotal -Java Cultivar

A nice sweet cup, with slightly rustic cane sugar appeal and refined fruit flavors. We even noticed notes of Fruit Loops cereal. The cooling coffee shows black, English Breakfast and Darjeeling tea flavors and plain old Lipton with lemon. Subtle flavors of golden raisin, black currant, and a lemon-lime ‘tang’ show too, along with a unique jasmine hint. Acidity is also tea-like, mild and tannic, but a bit mouth-cleansing, an aspect that holds on well into the aftertaste.

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