S-795 , Line S

S-795 is a variety based on the ” S-Line” coffees of  India, and stands for Selection 795,  It has a very fine cup, one of the best in Indonesia, but is not a high volume producer.

S795 was introduced in the 1950s to the Jember Research facility as a selection cultivated by the India Coffee Research. This variety was created by crossing the Kent cultivar and the S288, a natural hybrid between C. Arabica and C. Liberica from the Doobla Estate in India .

It had some Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) resistance but has widely lost it, and is one of the main cultivars in Sulawesi.  Some sources say the name Jember does not refer to S-795 but rather its component S-288.  S-795 is referred to also as “1934” which I assume is the date of its release in India, as it did not come to Indonesia until later.

“Line S” has a very nice cup character compared to other varieties grown in Indonesia that have some Robusta genetic component. As a wet-process coffee, where variety taste comes through more, other types like TimTim and Ateng fall short, showing their rough side. S795 remains refined and sweet in the washed processed cup. That is interesting, since it does have Liberica genes and Liberica is quite a harsh cup!

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