Three new Ethiopias

Ethiopia Deri Kochowa -Kifle Station is an ultra-clean Sidama coffee with florals rivaling ‘BIG’ sweetness. This one has it all, with complex aromatics and a brightness that really shines.

Ethiopia Sidama Dereje Station is another washing station-specific lot from the Deri Kochowa area, also cupping with clean florals and caramelized sweetness, and both coffees make absolute killer SO espressos.

Ethiopia Dry Process Gr. 1 Yirga Cheffe Aricha, our first dry-process Ethiopia, a coffee that completely surpassed all our expectations (which were admittedly high!). This one’s loaded with sweet fruits, layered sugar flavors, strong florals, and citric acidity, and the only coffee this close to scoring 94 points in a while!