Two special limited offerings: Ecuador and Brazil

We have a very limited quantity of both of these unique South American coffees to add for the weekend: Brazil Daterra Farms – Sweet Blue,  and Ecuador El Guabo -Teofilo Jimenez Microlot. Brazil Daterra Farms – Sweet Blue is a new offering (from a familiar farm) for Sweet Maria’s, a tad sweeter than the Sweet Yellow with wonderful bittering notes balancing a mild blueberry. Limit 2 lbs.  Ecuador El Guabo – Teofilo Jimenez Microlot is one of the most amazing Ecuador lots we’ve come across, hopefully a sign of things to come in the future as we continue to work with small producers in this country.  This lot features true “Typica” character with floral sweetness and ripe orange notes–limit 1 lb. Have a great weekend!

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