Video: A Look Around Limmu Kossa Coffee Farm in Ethiopia

 A beautiful farm named after the region of Limu where it is located … it deserves a special video portrait. See why!

Limmu Kossa Farm in Western Ethiopia is an extraordinary place. It’s a 350 hectare (about 1.35 square miles) Organic and RFA (rain forest certified) coffee farm.

After the coffee is picked and sorted during the day, the mechanical processing begins at night. This is when the coffee cherry is run through a disc pulping machine that grades, removes floaters along with unripe fruit. During coffee season there is a crew working around the clock.

A Look Around Limmu Kossa Coffee Farm

When Tom visited, the pulper’s generator had been broken which led to a lot of of coffee being backed up for about half a day. Coffee cherry sitting around for this long can change the flavor which is why it’s important for us to cup each processing batch/day lot.  This machine uses a lot of water and the waste water goes into settling ponds.

Coffee is laid to dry on raised beds with plastic covers to protect the drying coffee from the morning dew.

Oh, and on top of all this coffee amazing-ness, Limmu Kossa has puppies running around… and they have their own bee hives that yield two types of honey (the farmers have the hives, not the dogs).

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