Video: Our Probat B3 Sample Roaster

Oct. 7, 2019

Tom and Julio dug deep to do some maintenance on our Probat B3 sample roaster. This is the machine we use to roast small amounts of the coffee in order to taste them for quality control. It’s made of extremely durable materials but still needs some TLC in order to keep roasting coffee properly.

Once is a while, this robust chunk of heavy metal needs to be cleaned up and brushed down to get rid of all the oil and chaff dust build up. The electric burners need to be maintained as well. In this instance, a metal staple fell onto the coil and damaged the entire burner. Luckily, there is a company that produces the necessary parts for the repair.

One Response

  1. WHO TF HAD A STAPLE? HOW DID IT GET ON THE NICHROME? God. The world wants know. lmfao.

    Beautiful machine. Gorgeous. So lucky to have someone like Julio to work on it.

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