Video Travelogue – Walkin’ and Talkin’ in Shakiso Ethiopia

Traveling in the southern Guji Zone, around Shakiso town Ethiopia

…to visit coffee suppliers we have sourced from or new stations we have interest in. A visit in the middle of the harvest season is a great opportunity to see how the crop is coming in, how the washing station practices are (in terms of quality) and how they are drying the coffee.

Video Travelogue – Walkin’ and Talkin’ in Shakiso Ethiopia

I don’t pretend to know everything about coffee processing but after 20 years you do pick up a thing or two. The upshot is that sometimes a great tasting coffee can come from a station that seems a bit shoddy, and sometimes a site where everything is perfect doesn’t really come through in the cup. In this way producing coffee seems a bit unfair.

So I never take too much stock in my own observations when visiting stations. It’s just a piece of the puzzle, something to note.

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