Flores Indonesian Coffee: A Sweet Maria’s Travelogue

A trip around Bajawa Indonesia to see the coffee harvest, processing, and meet with Flores coffee producers we have been buying from for years…

Flores coffee has changed, grown, become more competitive … and there has been an upswing in cup quality as well, I believe. I wanted to share photos from my recent trip to Flores to meet up with the coffee farmers and producers we have been buying from.

It was important to reconnect with our sources here, since I missed the peak harvest time last season. There are changes in Flores: a lot of producers are now roasting their own coffee to sell, a way to get a premium price, and a point of pride too I think.

It’s always great when farms and coops have multiple options to sell their coffee, and puts them in control of their crop. They can seek the best prices and negotiate from a better position, I believe.

I have a video to accompany these images below, but I sorted them a bit by subject. First, the coffee producers, then some of the wonderful cultural / historic aspects of visiting Bajawa, then dogs! Okay, and cats and cows, along with some other stuff that always catches my interest: bamboo, trucks, cacao! -Thompson 2023

Flores Video , Visit to Bajawa Fores Coffee Areas

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  1. Wonderful glimpse of the coffee, culture, people and places! Keep your own voice; it is lovely. AI at the end sounded dry and boring! Lovely pictures and article.

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