Just in case you missed it, over the weekend we launched a new small lot offering of Colombia Tolima Florestales from Maximino Gutierrez. We are lucky enough to buy each small harvest lot that Sr. Gutierrez dries on the roof of his family’s house, have it exported in vacuum packed boxes to protect the quality, and offer it as soon as it arrives.

Colombia Tolima Florestales -Maximino Gutierrez


“The cup is very sweet in both the lighter roasts and darker levels as well. Malic, apple-like brightness dominates the cup, with somewhat syrupy sweetness. Darker roasts have dark honey and blackberry peeking out from behind a milk chocolate roast taste.”


you’ll see that Josh updated the last stock report, we are just hammering down how we are going to handle this concept. The report will go up on Fridays and will reflect the inventory taken on that day. We will post the report for coffees that are getting low and that we think may sell out soon (this is all relative to lot size and what not), but it is important to note that at any time a good portion or even all of a particular lot could be snatched up all at once. This report is mainly just to give folks an idea of what might not be around for much longer. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If a coffee is no longer on the “Coffees” page then it is indeed no longer available. Please let us know what you think, all of you have been very helpful in letting us know what is working for y’alls, as well as being gracious in understanding the rhyme and reason for how we do things. Sooooo, thanks for that.