Aeropress Plunger Cleaning

Sept. 17, 2018

One day Tom noticed a sticky substance excreting from his Aeropress plunger so he contacted the folks at Aeropress. They informed him that plungers stored unused in warm temperatures will tend to excrete this sticky stuff. They also said it’s harmless and that it’s just a combination of coffee and mineral oils coming out of the rubber.

After a soak in detergent, the oils turn into this pasty stuff that's easy to wipe off.
After a soak in detergent, the oils turn into this pasty stuff that’s easy to wipe off.

Just because something is harmless doesn’t mean it isn’t gross so Tom made a cleaning solution with Urnex Tabz carafe cleaner and let it soak for a bit, turning the clear sticky stuff into an opaque paste that could wipe off easily.

-Tabz cleaning tablets

-Cleancaf is another good cleaner you can use.

-Is your plunger not providing a good seal anymore? Consider getting a new one.

-Consider getting a new Aeropress if you don’t have one already. They are one of our favorite brewers for both travel and home. 

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  1. I found a bar of Kirk’s Castile (Unscented) hand soap made pretty effortless work of it. No soaking or wiping, just sudsing directly In my hands.. It rinsed clean, although it required a generous amount Initially to get A good suds going.

    1. Great – with standard soap I had trouble – sounds like castile soap works well. I was just concerned when I first saw this “sweating” of the rubber, and after finding its a natural process and harmless, want to make sure people don’t throw out their plungers … or the whole aeropress!

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