All-In-One Wobble Disk DIY Coffee Roaster

Home roaster and Sweet Maria’s customer, Larry Cotton created another awesome DIY coffee roaster.

The difference between this and his past creations is this one is all-in-one, meaning the heating element (heat gun) is built in. Larry says that it does produce some smoke and since there’s no chaff collection, it’s designated as an outdoor roaster.

Here’s Larry’s list of impressive features:

-no warm-up necessary
-roasts to city+ in 12-15 minutes
-takes up very little space
-beans are completely visible during entire roast
-minimum learning curve
-low price, uses standard heat gun guts and materials
-intuitive to use
-no wait between batches
-roasts 1/2C to 1-1/2C green beans (10 oz. max.)
-no cleaning necessary except blowing out excess chaff

7 Responses

  1. This looks pretty awesome! I am still roasting with stainless popper and drill in a jig. Outside temps here in Maine really vary my roast times. Now that my 15 year old daughter is drinking coffee (and roasting some) I need to figure out how to roast bigger batches!

    1. We wanted to showcase Larry Cotton’s DIY home roaster that he had built for himself. Unless Larry decides to produce them, they won’t be for sale any time soon.

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