All-In-One Wobble Disk DIY Coffee Roaster

Home roaster and Sweet Maria’s customer, Larry Cotton created another awesome DIY coffee roaster.

The difference between this and his past creations is this one is all-in-one, meaning the heating element (heat gun) is built in. Larry says that it does produce some smoke and since there’s no chaff collection, it’s designated as an outdoor roaster.

Here’s Larry’s list of impressive features:

-no warm-up necessary
-roasts to city+ in 12-15 minutes
-takes up very little space
-beans are completely visible during entire roast
-minimum learning curve
-low price, uses standard heat gun guts and materials
-intuitive to use
-no wait between batches
-roasts 1/2C to 1-1/2C green beans (10 oz. max.)
-no cleaning necessary except blowing out excess chaff

Larry’s pdf instructions to build your own Wobble Roaster –>

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  1. This looks pretty awesome! I am still roasting with stainless popper and drill in a jig. Outside temps here in Maine really vary my roast times. Now that my 15 year old daughter is drinking coffee (and roasting some) I need to figure out how to roast bigger batches!

    1. We wanted to showcase Larry Cotton’s DIY home roaster that he had built for himself. Unless Larry decides to produce them, they won’t be for sale any time soon.

    1. There are other roast methods that don’t have a commercial counterpart (heat gun / bowl roasting for example). some of that is for liability for sure. its a long hard process to have anything produced commercially, especially now!

    2. i ask myself that all the time. product startup is expensive and requires a ton of effort. would love to see a known coffee roaster co. pick it up–gratis. LMC

  2. This looks rather easy to make if you have some basic familiarity with wood working and electronics, along with the patience to go step by step and build it.

    I fail to understand why, when someone puts a lot if time and energy into a project and shares it for free, some people have to complain that they haven’t been given enoughFREE information. Larry did provide much more detail on some similar roasters that he designed and built. You can find those on Sweet Maria’s website also.

    That said, I’ve been doing Heat Gun and a 6″ deep mixing bowl for about 11 years. Two sheet metal screws at about 10 and 2 o’clock on the back side of the bowl keep it from slipping on the sidewalk when I am stirring. A heat gun with multiple heat settings allows me to drop down a bit and avoid running into 2nd crack (or limiting how much of 2nd). Quick dump into a metal sieve for cooling over a fan. Nothing but Sweet Maria’s beans for almost 13 years of roasting (except for 2 lbs purchased from an Ethiopian market – weren’t as good as SM beans – moderate amount of defective beans and quackers).

  3. After seeing this wobble wheel roaster with its more narrow chimney I started thinking about putting a wobble wheel inside a popper so that air flow would be the only source of bean circulation. Have to find the box with my abandoned popper project from 10 years ago. Had separated heat and fan circuits, but didn’t have enough airflow to roast decent size batches.

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