Attack of the new 30LB option

After much thought and discussion we have decided to take a new approach with our packaging. We will now package our 30lb amounts in Grain-Pro bags as well as the 60lb option. We will still offer a vacuum pack option, but we needed to ask ourselves, and many of you, how this was working for people. What we found is that most people are opening their vac-packs right away, or at least in a rather quick turn-a-round from receiving their orders. We feel that that vacuum pack option is better used for coffees that a roaster is planning on holding onto for a time, rather than for immediate use. Our thinking is that the Grain-Pro bags have more options for reuse, and simply work better for this particular application. You will see that most coffees now have 3 options: 60lb Grain-Pro, 30lb Grain-Pro, and 30lb vac-packs. Of course, coffees that have been packaged in vac-packs at origin will remain in their original packaging, as well as coffees that have been packed in Grain-Pro bags in quantities of 60lbs or less at origin. We hope that you all find this useful and can see the potential in the new options. Please give us any feedback you might have, and keep looking up!

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