Australia, Bolivia, El Salvador and Espresso Workshop Blend #6

Again! Another four coffees to add! What’s with the number four?! I am not sure, maybe we should play the lottery. In any case, here are the coffees:
First is the return of Australia -Mountain Top Farm, a Fancy grade semi-washed coffee with a juicy sweetness. Next is a national auction winner from Bolivia, Bolivia Juan Coaquira Mamani Microlot, with brown sugar and stone fruit tastes. And the return of the classic El Salvador Finca Matalapa Peaberry versatile for light or dark roast with an orange brightness, And finally it’s a change in the naming conventions for our espresso blends, from geology to acoustics: Espresso Workshop #6 – “Treble Response”. Dry fragrance from the ground coffee has a cocoa-nut roast tone, Nutella sweetness, caramel, black cherry, chocolate truffle. The wet aroma is spicy, with pepper and dark plumy fruit. This describes the primary flavors of the espresso, with richly layered brightness (hence Treble Response!) tapering off into intense and tangy chocolate bittersweet notes. Tom and I enjoyed this iced this past weekend and it was lovely.

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