Video Tour of Finca Miravalles in El Salvador

Join us on a tour of Finca Miravalles and their wet mill in El Salvador

Last February I had the pleasure of spending the day at Finca Miravalles on the outskirts of Tapacún town, in El Salvador’s northwestern Department Ahuachapán. The farm is owned by the Duarte family, who were so generous as to give me behind the scenes view of their farms and wet mill, and so much more (seriously, Tetí was hands down the best tour guide of Atáco I could hope for!).

Finca Miravalles is named for the beautiful views from the top of the farm, the Omoa valley on one side, Juayua valley on the other. They have roughly 120 manzanas of land planted in coffee, and have chosen to focus on segregating different plots to be cultivar specific. They go to great lengths to harvest and process each part of the farm separately, in order to isolate different levels of quality.

The care and management at the farm is impressive, and this year we managed to buy 8 different cultivar separations from Miravalles, including Caturra, Bourbon, Tabí, Sampacho, H1, Castillo, and a tiny lot of Pacamara. Look out for the first lots from Miravalles to launch during the week of June 19th.

Take a tour of Finca Miravalles, where you’ll learn a little bit about the farm history, see some of the coffee cultivar separation at the farm, and get an in-depth look at coffee being processed at their mill.

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